Know thy world.

Ever looked outside the window on a long ride and wondered what is around? Ever been to a place which you didn't know anything about? Copernix tells you about the most interesting places around using information from Wikipedia. Use it on the road or before you go to explore or simply learn about new places.

Explore the busiest cities or find out what's in the middle of the desert.

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London - open in Copernix

Eye of the Sahara - open in Copernix

What is Copernix?
Copernix is the first true geographical search engine. Copernix lets you search for information on a map in a new, easy and intuitive way. With Copernix and Wikipedia you can now explore the world like never before.

How is this different from other mapping services like Google Maps, etc.?
Other services usually assume you are looking for an address or a service (bus, food, etc.). While that's great when that's what you want, it’s not if you are looking for something more abstract or just want to know what’s interesting around you.

What else?
The truly great thing about Copernix is that it lets you seamlessly combine free text search with a map. This way you can find exactly what you want, where you want.

Use the search bar to tell Copernix what interests you. Music? Art? History? Copernix can show you things like where Elvis performed, art deco styled buildings in New York or sunken German submarines in the Mediterranean.

Elvis - open in Copernix

Art Deco Architecture in New York - open in Copernix

German Submarines - open in Copernix

Love exploring the natural world? Want to find glaciers or volcanoes? or maybe penguin colonies? or volcanoes which are penguin colonies? Go crazy. Copernix finds anything, anywhere. You can go as far as searching for specific species of penguin .

Glaciers - open in Copernix

Volcanoes - open in Copernix

Penguin Colonies - open in Copernix

Volcanoes which are Penguin Colonies - open in Copernix

Specific Species of Penguin - open in Copernix

Some more examples
Learn about oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, follow Malaysia airlines flight 370 or see places related to Elon Musk. Find out where spacecrafts splashdown, where nuclear tests are carried out and have a look at some unexplained incidents.

Copernix. know thy world.


Oil Spills - open in Copernix

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - open in Copernix

Elon Musk - open in Copernix

Spacecrafts Splashdown - open in Copernix

Nuclear Testing - open in Copernix

Unexplained Incidents - open in Copernix

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